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Prof Matthew Bambling MAPS FCCLP

Clinical Psychologist (adult)

Professor Matt Bambling is an experienced Clinical Psychologist with over 35 years of experience working across a broad range of areas including adult mental health, family and couples, forensic, military mental health and serves as a second opinion consultant for the ADF. He is also a human factors and performance psychology expert.  He also has served as a health department consultant and has an active interest in chronic disease management, and behavioural health.

Matt is a Fellow of the APS clinical college and served as Chair of the Queensland chapter for 4 years and as a national Clinical College Committee member which provides a leadership role for clinical psychology in Australia. He is an experienced endorsement supervisor for clinical psychology interns. Matt worked in the university sector retiring at the level of Professor and has retained honorary titles and is still active in research into mental health. Matt’s research has focused on complex depression and anxiety and he is more recently known for his research into resistant depression with a focus on cellular metabolism and the microbiome.

Matt has an easy-going and direct style with a good sense of humour. He has a very practical approach and is genuinely committed to his clients. 

Matt has appeared on both radio and television for comment on topical issues in psychology, there are dozens of media events involving him; below are a few examples that he particularly enjoyed being involved with.

ABC Radio

Life Matters – Staying Friends with Your Ex

ABC Radio

Life Matters – Telling Little Lies – talkback

ABC Radio

The Ariadne Project

ABC Radio

Text Anxiety

QUT News

Probiotics for gut health, what about for depression?

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