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We are a specialist psychology and psychiatry practice who provide patient-centred and evidence-based mental health care.  


Often just making the decision to seek help can be challenging and the pursuit of change itself takes a degree of courage and a certain amount of hope. So it’s important to find a Clinician with who you can feel safe enough to open up to and be understood by - someone who is non-judgmental, attuned and open to discussing and understanding an your unique experience, which often includes your experience of therapy itself and what is most useable or helpful and what is not.


Our Clinicians have a specialist focus and additional training in the provision of longer-term psychotherapy for individuals who are seeking assistance with longer standing or more complex difficulties. As such, we offer longer-term therapy from an interpersonal, relational or psychodyamically informed approach that is often suited to those seeking to understand and work through the underlying factors that contribute to and perpetuate particular emotional conflicts, difficulties and concerns.

We also offer short-term more focused interventions for those seeking assistance with symptom relief and management regarding a specific concern.

Our Clinicians have experience in undertaking independent specialist medicolegal assessments and work with patients and their representatives to provide comprehensive reporting. 

In addition, our Consultant Psychiatrist has the capacity to provide support and assistance with regard to diagnosis and management of complex and serious mental illness.


And we have a Clinical Psychologist who is bilingual and can work fluently in the above approaches in Mandarin if desired.


Please feel free to contact us and we can help connect you with one of our Clinicians who is best suited to your needs and is available to see you, in-person or via telehealth if needed.

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