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"Psychoanalytic supervision is an interval of freedom where supervisee development is provoked, privileged, and prioritized..."
C. Edward Watkins

I have created RELATE, a small group transformational learning program to give early career psychologists a strong foundation in relational psychodynamic practice, to prepare them to feel confident practicing in this way.

-Professor Robert Schweitzer

RELATE - Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Registrar Program

Gain industry leading education and mentorship in the fundamentals of psychodynamic psychotherapy

Small Group Learning Environment 

Become part of a community of like-minded peers, and experienced practitioners, fostering professional growth and support.

Comprehensive Psychodynamic Training

Gain a solid foundation in psychodynamic principles and practice, equipping you with essential skills for effective psychotherapy.


Develop a deep understanding of the historical development, core concepts, and foundational principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy, rooted in its rich history and evolving theories.

Gain AHPRA Endorsement

 The program aligns with the PsyBA Registration standards and meets the supervisory and professional development requirements for endorsement in clinical or counselling psychology.

Build Enhanced Self Reflection and Insight

Enhance your ability to engage in ongoing self-reflection, drawing from psychodynamic principles, to gain insight into your own experiences and reactions within the therapeutic relationship.

Gain Practical Intervention Skills

Develop practical skills in applying psychodynamic techniques, enabling you to understand unconscious processes, work with resistance, navigate transference and countertransference dynamics, and interpret client material, all within a relational framework.

Grow Psychodynamic Assessment Proficiency

Gain proficiency in conducting psychodynamic assessments, utilizing relevant methodologies to identify unconscious processes, underlying dynamics, and patterns in clients' internal and interpersonal worlds.

Enhance your Professional Identity

 Foster your professional identity as a relational psychodynamic practitioner by being part of a community of practice. Engage with peers and experienced colleagues, sharing ideas, challenges, and support as you develop in your work.

Cultivate Ethical and Professional Growth

Embrace reflective practice and explore ethical considerations and professional standards associated with psychodynamic practice. Ensure your practice aligns with ethical guidelines, enhancing your professional integrity.

The benefits of participating in RELATE:

Register your interest today, and one of our team will be in touch to finalise your enrolment. 

What you get when you participate in RELATE:

Comprehensive Two Year Program

80 CPD Hours

Small Group Learning

Regular Case Presentations

Group Supervision + Optional Individual Supervision

Networking with Experienced Practitioners

Is this Registrar Program for me?

This program is ideal for you if you seek to:

• Develop generalist skills and specialise in psychod
ynamic psychotherapy

• Embrace reflective practice and enhance self-awareness

• Form connections with peers and the psychoanalytic community

Where and When?

Commencing January 2024

Online or In-Person at The Suites at Wickham House 

Tuesday Evenings 5pm-7pm (TBC)

$1800 + GST per quarter

Register your interest today, and one of our team will be in touch to finalise your enrolment. 

Your Facilitators & Supervisors

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Sigrid O'Callaghan

Sigrid is a clinical psychologist, psychodynamic psychotherapist and is a teaching staff member with the Brisbane Centre of Psychoanalytic Studies. She is also a member of the teaching faculty with the Queensland Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association and supervisor for the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Registrar Program. She has been working in private practice since 2007. She has previously worked in rehabilitation and community health settings (Berlin, Sydney, Brisbane) with a wide range of people (children, adolescents, adults) presenting with complex mental health issues. Her roles encompassed the treatment of psychological difficulties as well as coordinating clinical programs and supervision for staff.



Prof Robert Schweitzer
Program Co-Ordinator

Robert is currently Professor of Psychology at Queensland University of Technology, where he established the post graduate program in clinical psychology, with a strong focus upon psychodynamic principles and practice. He continues to practice as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, supervise registrars and engage in research.  He has previously chaired the  Queensland Psychology Board of Australia and has a strong commitment to research with over 150 publications in referred journals, book chapters and books. His research career includes a focus on psychotherapy process and outcome. Robert is endorsed in Clinical and in Counselling Psychology.

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Dr Rebecca Bargenquast

Rebecca is a psychodynamic therapist and clinical supervisor with a special interest in the treatment of complex mental health difficulties, early intervention for prodromal mental health conditions, and therapy for parenting difficulties and parent-infant attachment issues. She has worked with people experiencing a range of mental health difficulties including psychosis, depression, anxiety, complex trauma, personality disorder, and deliberate self-harm. In the past Rebecca has worked as Clinical Services Coordinator at Queensland University of Technology and Western Sydney University, and Senior Psychologist in both Queensland Health and NSW Health services. Rebecca is endorsed in Clinical Psychology.

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